Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Our attorneys understand that those who sustain personal injuries or experience the death of a loved one want nothing more than to turn back time before the life-changing event, to avoid the event altogether. Unfortunately, the only way society can try to make these lives whole is by awarding compensation. In representing those suffering from a personal injury or the loss of a loved one, our attorneys are both compassionate and aggressive, mindful that while they cannot turn back time, they can seek to vindicate their client’s rights through compensation. This compassion and dedication oftentimes forges a relationship between attorney and client, a friendship that lasts long after the case is resolved.

The firm has a long tradition of representing victims suffering a personal injury or the loss of a loved one whether from an automobile accident, an unsafe product, or otherwise. Sometimes, defendants and insurance companies do the right thing and compensate our clients without the need for trial, and sometimes they do not, making trial necessary. Unlike many personal injury lawyers, our lawyers plan on going to trial in every case, believing that every client should get their day in court should the defendants and insurance companies fail to take responsibility for their negligence. While each case is different, our approach is not—maximize the compensation for our clients to vindicate their rights.

Featured Experience

1Defended religious associations against personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of an automobile accident. Settlement after mediation.
2This matter presented one of the worst cases of nursing home abuse and neglect on record. Although the decedent died as the result of the negligence of the nursing home, the firm elected not to file a wrongful death action, but rather a survival action to seek damages for the decedent’s pain and suffering, not of the two surviving adult children. The decedent developed multiple and extensive Stage IV pressure ulcers throughout his body at the hands of the nursing home. The firm alleged that the defendants deviated from the applicable standard of care by failing to prevent the ulcers from developing, by failing to detect the onset of the ulcers, and once developed, by failing to provide the proper care and treatment. The defendants also caused severe malnutrition and multiple episodes of dehydration which in large part caused these ulcers to develop and worsen. The firm sought both compensatory and punitive damages for the outrageous acts and omissions of the defendants. Through review of medical records, countless contradictions, omissions and misstatements were found in the records. The firm retained and consulted with one of the leading experts in this field to further build his case. After several key depositions of representatives of the nursing home and other providers, the case was successfully settled at mediation in favor of the estate. The terms of the settlement are subject to confidentiality.
3The firm represented a husband and wife who were pursuing their passion for motorcycling on one of South Florida’s major highways, only to have that enjoyment come to an abrupt end when a large steel tailgate came flying across the highway crashing into them, and robbing them of their passion. Our lawyers were able to persuade the Court that punitive damages should be awarded as the defendant took the tailgate on the highways knowing of its tendency to come loose. After three days of trial, and an obviously upset jury, the case settled for nearly $1 million.
4The firm represented a motorcyclist who was hit when a car swerved out of its lane. The firm was able to obtain a quick settlement for policy limits without the need for a trial.
5The firm represented the family of a nursing home patient who died from a combination of severe bed sores, dehydration, and malnourishment. The firm was able to prove that the records of the nursing home contained contradictions, omissions, and misstatements, causing the defendants to settle with our client’s estate quickly.