Marital & Family Law

Richman Greer has a substantial practice in family law including dissolution of marriage and child custody matters. The firm has represented clients in several of Florida’s largest property and alimony settlements and trials, and has prepared numerous prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Clients have included noted business executives, sports and entertainment figures and professionals, as well as spouses of such individuals.

The firm also has extensive experience representing third party business entities in divorce proceedings where specific relief or distribution of corporate assets is sought against an entity based upon a spouse’s ownership interest, blending of marital and business assets, or special equity.

Featured Experience

1Represented husbands and wives in divorce proceedings involving children’s issues, support awards and property and debt distribution. Recently represented husband business owner in dissolution of long-term marriage involving equitable distribution of business formed during marriage, alimony and division of marital homestead. The firm successfully resolved these issues and others for husband through the negotiation of a pre-suit settlement agreement.
2Represented professional athlete with respect to petition by mother to establish paternity, child support, time sharing and parenting plan. Representation resulted in client being assessed an amount less than the statutory percentage of income under the child support guidelines where the statutory amount of child support far exceeded child’s actual needs and created windfall to custodial mother. The firm successfully negotiated a child support settlement with structure for contingent future child support modifications based on renewal/non-renewal of professional sports contracts, endorsements, and bonuses, and time-sharing agreement with plan for out-of-state visitation during professional sports season.
3Represented medical professional in negotiation and preparation of prenuptial agreement with particular emphasis on protection of medical practice, business assets, and appreciation value in event of dissolution of marriage.
4Successfully obtained court order after evidentiary hearing allowing mother to relocate out of state with couple’s two minor children in relocation action also involving issues of supervised visitation and domestic violence injunction.
5Represented former wife in post-dissolution proceeding for modification and enforcement of alimony. The firm successfully obtained court order for contempt, incarceration and bodily attachment for former husband’s failure to make court-ordered alimony payments. Upon evidentiary hearing, the court denied former husband’s motion to decrease alimony obligation by successfully arguing imputation of income to correct unemployment or underemployment of former husband.
6Represented mother and daughter in action by estranged biological father to establish paternity, parenting plan and time sharing. The firm successfully argued temporary suspension of visitation, appointment of Guardian Ad Litem, psychological evaluation of child, and therapeutic supervised visitation to facilitate gradual introduction of biological father into child’s life in consideration of the best interests of the child. In addition to working with therapists and mental health professionals to advocate for the child’s best interests and to establish appropriately-tailored time-sharing and parenting plans, the firm also established entitlement to retroactive and ongoing child support award.
7Represented interests of 17 business entities owned 50-50 by husband and wife in divorce proceedings involving distribution of corporate ownership and assets.