Insurance Litigation

The firm represents insureds and insurance companies in a variety of cases involving insurance coverage and in defense of claims involving insurance coverage.

In insurance coverage cases, the firm represents insureds and insurers in disputes over whether the insurance policy affords coverage to a specific insured for a specific claim.

The firm also has vast experience in representing individuals and businesses sued for allegedly tortious conduct where the defense is paid by an insurance company.  Such cases involve representation of insureds, insurance carriers, claims administrators and self-insured entities.  The firm’s attorneys have a broad understanding of the entire tort process, allowing them to evaluate claims and develop cost effective defenses.  Richman Greer represents several liability insurance carriers, companies and individuals defending against claims made for personal injury, defective products, products claims and employment discrimination.  The firm does so with a focus on resolving the claims expeditiously and economically for our client.  This involves use of both litigation defenses and aggressive stances taken in mediation or arbitration.  The firm believes that a close working partnership with the client and the adjuster produces the most effective result of the claim for the client.

Featured Experience

1The firm represents a Florida technology company in state court in defense of a declaratory judgment action involving insurance coverage for a claim filed against the company by a major retailer. The retailer claims that the technology company sold and installed point of sale software to allow the retailer to track sales and inventory in its 25 stores located in the United States. The software did not work properly, causing the retailer to allegedly suffer damages. The technology company’s insurer filed a declaratory judgment action seeking a determination that the insurance policy does not provide coverage for the claims at issue in the underlying lawsuit. Case pending.
2Defended a religious organization in a premise liability, trip and fall, case. Plaintiff alleged being injured by falling on church property.
3Defended a homeowners association in a defamation action. Plaintiff alleged association publications defamed the property owner.
4Defended a religious organization in an alleged wrongful employment dispute. Pastor claimed wrongful employment practices by the church.