Our Attorneys

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 Name                         PhoneLocationEmail

Arsenault Metz, Leslie Associate 561.803.3515 West Palm Beach lmetz@richmangreer.com

Betensky, Gary S. Shareholder 561.803.3517 West Palm Beach gbetensky@richmangreer.com

Brumbaugh, John M. Shareholder 305.373.4015 Miami jbrumbaugh@richmangreer.com

Edenfield, Nathaniel M. Associate 305.373-4032 Miami nedenfield@richmangreer.com

Farach, Manuel Of Counsel 561.803.3501 West Palm Beach mfarach@richmangreer.com

Freire, Leora B. Shareholder 561.803.3531 West Palm Beach lfreire@richmangreer.com

Garcia-Linares, Manuel A. Managing Shareholder 305.373.4021 Miami mlinares@richmangreer.com

Goldblatt, Brett L. Associate 561.803.3512 West Palm Beach bgoldblatt@richmangreer.com

Greer, Alan Graham Shareholder 305.373.4010 Miami agreer@richmangreer.com

Johnson, Charles H. Shareholder 305.373.4070 Miami cjohnson@richmangreer.com

Katzen, Diane Wagner Shareholder 305.373.4006 Miami dkatzen@richmangreer.com

Keller, Amanda R. Associate 561.803.3507 West Palm Beach akeller@richmangreer.com

Metcalfe, Jr. , George L. Associate 305.373.4050 Miami gmetcalfe@richmangreer.com

Myron, Adam M. Shareholder 561.803.3539 West Palm Beach amyron@richmangreer.com

Naclerio, Steven Of Counsel 305.373.4023 Miami snaclerio@richmangreer.com

Napoleone, Michael J. Shareholder 561.803.3518 West Palm Beach mnapoleone@richmangreer.com

Ponzoli, Jr., Ronald P. Shareholder 561.803.3519 West Palm Beach rponzoli@richmangreer.com

Richman, Gerald F. Shareholder 561.803.3506 West Palm Beach grichman@richmangreer.com

Romance, Mark A. Shareholder 305.373.4048 Miami mromance@richmangreer.com

Shapiro, Lyle E. Shareholder 305.373.4030 Miami lshapiro@richmangreer.com

Sodhi, Eric M. Shareholder 305.373.4018 Miami esodhi@richmangreer.com

Spoont, Joshua L. Associate 305.373.4077 Miami jspoont@richmangreer.com

Thompson, Georgia A. Associate 305.373.4007 Miami gthompson@richmangreer.com

White, III., John "Jay" G. Shareholder 561.803.3521 West Palm Beach jwhite@richmangreer.com