Practical Gun Laws Are Not Heresy

By Alan G. Greer

Gun regulation is common sense, not heresy. In Florida and nationally, we register and regulate dangerous instrumentalities, such as cars and planes, because their improper use kills and maims tens of thousands annually.

So why not guns?

Using motor vehicles as an illustration, state and federal laws dictate how fast and under what conditions they can be driven.

For example, it is illegal to operate one under the influence of drugs or alcohols.

Each driver must have a government issued driver’s license obtained after passing both a written and live performance exam. And you must be of an appropriate age to drive.

Each motor vehicle and its owner must be registered and have a license tag that can be traced.

And most vehicles must have seat belts. The result is that such common sense laws have massively reduced our national highway death tolls.

No one can argue that guns are not equally dangerous instrumentalities.

Based on the most recent numbers, gun deaths exceeded motor vehicle deaths in 21 states and almost equaled them in the rest.

Nationally, roughly 35,000 people are killed in each category annually.

The owners of the 265 million or so firearms in U.S. civilian hands do not object to having to obey motor vehicle laws or being licensed to drive them.

There is no reason why they should object to equally common-sense gun regulations.

The 27-word Second Amendment the NRA clings to so desperately is predicated on “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state …”

All we are calling for is the implementation of the “well-regulated” clause of that short amendment, which they wish to ignore.

It will save countless lives.




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