Richman Greer attorneys Mark A. Romance and Georgia A. Thompson secured a dismissal with prejudice, on statute of limitations grounds, of a products liability lawsuit brought in Federal Court against their Fortune 100 manufacturing client.  Plaintiff claimed that the electronic monitoring device issued to him as a condition of his court-ordered probation was defective, did not accurately track his location, and caused him to be wrongfully re-incarcerated for alleged violations of his probation.  To secure an early victory for their client, the attorneys focused on case-dispositive procedural defenses at the outset of the case, arguing that because Plaintiff’s alleged violations of probation occurred more than 4 years before he filed suit against the manufacturer, that his claims were time barred.  This approach allowed the client to avoid time that may have to have been spent on discovery and extensive litigation expenses.  The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida agreed, and dismissed the case with prejudice.

Mark A. Romance

Georgia A. Thompson