Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

Successfully defended Fortune 100 manufacturer in product liability suits over damages resulting from leaks in condominium fire sprinkler system.

Mark A. Romance and Eric M. Sodhi are defending a Fortune 100 manufacturer in two significant product liability claims arising out of use of a building material in a Miami Beach, Florida condominium building. The building was constructed using a fire safety product that allegedly caused pipes in the building’s fire sprinkler system to crack and leak. In one case, the condominium association filed suit against the manufacturer seeking damages to replace the entire fire sprinkler system and for costs associated with repairs previously made to the building. In a second case, a resident of the building filed suit against the product manufacturer and various contractors who constructed the building, claiming that she suffered life threatening illnesses caused by her exposure to mold and dust mites. The plaintiff claims that the mold and dust mites were caused by leaks in the fire sprinkler system and by other construction defects. In the case filed by condo association, Mr. Romance and Mr. Sodhi successfully obtained a summary judgment in favor of the manufacturer client. The trial court ruled that Florida’s “Economic Loss Rule” precludes the condo association from recovering the types of damages sought, rendering final judgment in favor of the client. That case is currently on appeal.

In the case filed by the tenant, after extensive discovery and with a motion to dismiss pending, the claims against the manufacturer were dismissed.